02 March 2009

birds of prey

aaannnndd DONE! i am ready as i'll ever be for the show this friday. if you don't get a chance to come out on friday night, the pieces will be up all month.

01 March 2009

sputnik sneak peak

i'm getting closer! only 5 paintings to go.

24 February 2009

march at sputnik

i have been painting like a crazy lady to try to prepare for my march show at sputnik. i'm getting closer to having enough pieces completed, but still have a ton of work to do. the show will be opening first friday in march, and i'd love to see you there! 

if you come to the houses show at the hi-dive on march 20th, you can check out my paintings and my singing.


i have recently started playing again with my husband's band, houses. i've designed a t shirt for the band as well as the packaging for the upcoming ep.

the show we played at the hi-dive on february 20th has been reviewed on the denver post's reverb blog.

11 December 2008

supermarket store

nimble has now been invited to have a supermarket store. if you haven't already, check it out! it's really lovely.

06 December 2008


more from etsy

so many lovely things

since starting my etsy shop, i've spent way too much time clicking around etsy discovering new favorites.  here is the first etsy-inspired post, of many i'm sure.

moss by madebymavis

a lovely jacket by littlehouses

i love everything in yokoo's shop

pretty birds at mincingmockingbird

there are no words - these are incredible! 

cards by essimar

tshirts by stevester

04 December 2008

many thanks

ellie at mint design blog made a post about my nimble desgns. 
she has a great blog - one of my favorites. 

17 November 2008

nimble designs are here!

with over 30 designs, nimble will be launching its etsy shop sometime later this week, and will be featured at fancy tiger on the first friday of december with loads of hand-made cut card designs to choose from. 

it's up! check out the etsy shop at nimbledesigns.etsy.com

26 May 2008


i've decided to start a small online store to sell various things that i have made. it's not open yet, but when it is, i'll let you know.

so far there are boxed notecards, journals and prints of some of my most recent paintings.

the latest

i made a poster for hearts of palm. i really like the way it turned out.